Manav Sadhan Vikas Sanstha
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  • To promote, establish, improve, develop and administer mixed and/ or complex farming activities in agriculture and allied areas like horticulture, floriculture, apiculture, pisciculture, nurseries for seeds of fruits, ornamental plants, orchards, gardens, forestry, animal husbandry including poultry, dairy, piggery, rabbit farming, hatcheries, kennels, fisheries, ornamental and commercial fish farming
  • To encourage local people to establish, improve, develop agro industrial projects, rural development, including government sponsored integrated rural development projects, rural housing complexes, industrial complexes and other allied construction activities, rural infrastructure, social, cultural and medical activities.
  • To promote, establish, improve, develop administer all types of products and by-products of agriculture and allied industries, animal husbandries, to promote research in the field of science and technology, agro industry and human nutrition. To encourage collaboration with foreign or local entrepreneurs in order to facilitate effective transfer of relevant technology in the field of agriculture and energy
  • To organize, initiate and evolve all such programs as may be considered useful and essential for the attainment and fulfillment of the aforesaid objectives
  • To provide relief and assistance to the weaker sections, or any cross sections of the human race without discrimination of caste, creed and sex pertaining to economic, medical and welfare issues
  • To undertake all activities which will promote and assist individual social workers, and also students.
  • To establish contacts with grass root workers and organize meetings and seminars for exchange of ideas and experiences
  • To promote, establish, improve, develop, administer all types of activities pertaining to the education in different fields and faculties, all health related programs, infrastructural projects, water management and other developmental activities.
  • To act as the catalyst and the coordinating agency between the government, semi-government, corporate bodies and/or private funding agencies.
  • To collect, propagate and disseminate information useful for rural development
  • To organize training camps of volunteers and social workers
  • To undertake any other activity consistent with the objectives mentioned herein
  • To identify a methodology by which natural and human resources of a locality could be utilized in a more effective manner to bring about a speedy progress of the region and its residents. To coin and implement schemes to suit the needs of the locality.
  • To take effective measures to ameliorate condition of people affected by natural calamities

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